Free music for films from Moby

For any one out there interested in making a film but stuck for a bit of a soundtrack (cos using copyrighted material can get you in a bit of trouble) check out because he’s letting any non-profit and independent filmmakers, students, and anyone in need of free music the use of a relatively large library of his stuff to use er…gratis. Cheers Moby.

Oxford Biochar on

Oxford Biochar (you might remember we made a short promo for them) are currently featured on (a place to find good ideas that might just change the world). Visit this link and maybe pledge a bit of cash, you get stuff in return of course. Needless to say it’s mainly Biochar based stuff but it’ll do wonders for your garden…

The Guardian finds and features our Durham film…

Just three clicks from the Guardian’s homepage, sits a piece on the Durham Heritage Coast’s recent accolade from the Council of Europe. And *ahem* features our short film about the project made for the UK Landscape Awards last year. Anyone who’s seen, heard or was in ‘Get Carter’ will know this place. It was grim. But now… …well check out the article and you’ll see…

Oxford Biochar. The future for soil…! Animated by us.

Oxford Biochar was founded by Drs. Girardin and Layberry and consists of a team of scientists passionate about the potential of biochar as a solution to several key environmental challenges our planet faces this century. We’ve just produced an animation for them to describe the benefits of their product and help them reach out investors and potential funders. Matt and Leo did an amazing job for Oxford Biochar. We provided them with an incredibly tight deadline and a challenging task, and the film they delivered exceeded our expectations. They are... Read The Rest →

PARTAKE. New Artists, No boundaries.


Twenty-four artists, from a multitude of disciplines, presenting their work in a collaborative effort to break down the boundaries between practitioners, exhibits and the public. Including Room60 collaborator and Landscape Architect Harry Bix. At the Old Truman Brewery starting with the Private View this Thursday evening…

Landscape Institute Award Nomination!

We’re puffing our chest out to announce that we’ve been shortlisted for a Landscape Institute Award in the category of Communication & Presentation for our short animation “The Spell of the Ancient Market Area Kingston”. We find out if we can justifiably call ourselves award WINNING on the 17th November…

One of our very first animations “a Sylvan Remnant from Arcady” (made for a competition with Schoenaich Landscape Architects) is currently part of an interesting little exhibition at the Garden Museum…”From Garden City to Green City”. Definitely worth checking out if you get the chance… Watch A Sylvan Remnant from Arcady

Join us for a cuppa

We’ve packed up and moved office! You can now find us for a cuppa at; Studio 3, 51 Portland Road, Kingston-upon-Thames, London, KT1 2SH.

The Helix is Happening!

We’re delighted to reveal our new short animation ‘The Helix is Happening…’ about a project in the heart of Scotland that aims to transform under-used land into an exciting new parkland. This fantastic open space will have sports and event facilities, beautiful wetlands and woodlands, heritage, nature and stunning public art in the shape of the 100ft high Kelpies. Check it out and let us know what you think…

We’ve been checking out this video by Royksopp and will be looking to use some of the techniques in our new animation about Green Infrastructure, enjoy for now…

Street Summer from Channel 4

This August, Channel 4 celebrates the contemporary urban arts scene with ‘Street Summer’, shining a light on street dance, urban sport, rap/spoken word, hip hop and street art. That’s all well and good but we do dig this trailer…

This ain’t by us but we’ve just discovered it for a bit of future inspiration…some amazing technique and the band come from Mold…a town in North Wales we based ourselves in whilst filming for the UK Landscape Awards last year. Hope you like it…


Future Landscapes

BIG LANDSCAPE 2020 looks to the future both for landscape schemes and for today’s students who as tomorrow’s professionals will be shaping that future. Oooh and look; Room60 are guest speakers on Day 2!…We got the Skills. Wot Skills? The Future Skills.  Room60 have been invited to speak at the BIG LANDSCAPE 2020 CONFERENCE organised by SLIC (Student Landscape Institute Council). On Saturday 2nd July we will present our work communicating landscape and architecture using moving image and animation. Other speakers will include: John Hopkins (Project Sponsor, Landscape & Public Realm,... Read The Rest →

a small studio

We’ve just helped to update and refresh the website of ‘a small studio‘ in time for their feature in ‘House & Garden’ magazine…we sorted the homepage and the site CSS and framework, including a template project page; they filled in the rest…check it out and feedback if you’re that way inclined…

This is a test sample for an animation we’ve just completed for Outerspace Landscape Architects for their competition presentation to Kingston Borough Council…we’ll get the final one posted on here at some point once we’ve ironed out a few issues but see what you think of this original anyway…

Room60 Showreel 2011

Here’s our new showreel. Well we’ve never had one before so here’s our FIRST ever showreel. Just 2 minutes of funpacked visuals featuring work completed for the Landscape Institute, British Waterways, RIBA London & The Royal Parks, Outerspace UK, Schoenaich Landscape Architects, SMIBE and of course ourselves……and it’ll feature on our new website due to be launched in the next few days!

Mersey Basin Campaign

After being established in 1985 MBC successfully completed its 25 year programme in March 2010 having achieved a profound impact on the landscape of the North West of England through its dedication and commitment to its three key aims: to improve water quality across the Mersey Basin, to stimulate attractive waterside developments, and to encourage people to value and cherish their watercourses and waterfront environments. MBC has been exemplary in realising sustainable development through brokering public/private partnership and engaging directly with communities.

Heather and Hillforts, North Wales

The Heather and Hillforts Project is a partnership that strives to maintain the upland historic and natural heritage of north-east Wales as a sustainable landscape for the future: to conserve and restore the heritage of the hillforts and heather moorland, demonstrating sustainable agriculture in harmony with a landscape of outstanding historic and biodiversity value, to reconnect people to the uplands and to increase people’s enjoyment of their heritage through education, interpretation, events and access projects, to increase our understanding of the landscape as a foundation for management, interpretation and restoration... Read The Rest →

Baxter Park, Dundee

The Baxter Park Project was the restoration of a “Paxton” park, landscape and facilities. It is considered the most complete Paxton park in Scotland, retaining the Victorian ethos of a green lung for the people while suiting 21st Century needs. At heart of the project is the involvement of the community in the project and the lasting legacy that the community will bring to the on-going evolution of the park. The Friends of Baxter Park sit at the centre of the complex framework of facilities and park users.

Lough Neagh Regeneration Project

Over the past six years Lough Neagh Partnership has identified and worked with strategic and local stakeholders to understand the needs of Lough Neagh and those of the communities living around its perimeter. By creating strong relationships with a range of private and public organisations, the Partnership has managed a £3.8m regeneration programme, developing over 140 projects on the lough and attracted a further £6.4m of leverage funds which has resulted in the provision of major new infrastructure, increased protection for the waterway along with increased awareness and increased visitor... Read The Rest →

Gold Route, Sheffield

Sheffield’s ‘Gold Route’, a series of spectacular spaces and streets, centred on the Heart of the City project, has come to symbolise the city’s economic and cultural renaissance. This network of spaces, takes a visitor arriving at the station to the cultural and commercial core of Sheffield City Centre through one of the largest corridors of high quality public realm in the country. These spaces include the Sheaf Square ‘gateway’ at the Station, Howard Street, Hallam Gardens and Hallam Square, the Millennium Galleries, Winter Garden, Millennium Square, the Peace Gardens,... Read The Rest →

Durham Heritage Coast

From Sunderland to Hartlepool, the Durham Heritage Coast has emerged from its industrial past to an area worthy of Heritage Coast status with one of the finest coastlines in England. Where previously colliery waste was tipped onto the beaches in enormous quantities, a coastal path now leads you through a wonderful landscape mosaic of great natural, historical and geological interest with dramatic views along the coastline and out across the North Sea. New gateways encouraging people to explore this fantastic coast have been created with the active involvement of the... Read The Rest →

UK Landscape Awards: The Route so Far

UKLA The Route So Far

Boop Boop. All aboard the sleeper train. We’ve covered over a thousand miles checking out 4 of the 6 nominees for this years UK Landscape Award. We’ve seen the clean up of the Durham Heritage Coast AND the Mersey Basin, the Heather-clad hills of the Clwydian Range and the connecting public realm of Sheffield City Centre. But tonight we set off for Dundee and the restoration of Baxter Park. Boop boop.

UK Landscape Award final shortlist announced

Six sites shortlisted across the UK for the inaugural UK Landscape Award and we’re travelling the length and breadth of the Kingdom to film them all. Sheffield & Durham done. This week, Denbighshire in North Wales and a saunter along the Mersey Basin from Liverpool to Salford…

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