SkyCycle: Boris Johnson considers idea for cycle lanes in the London sky

As reported last week in The Times Boris Johnson is considering proposals by Exterior Architecture for a raised cycle network between mainline stations in London. The Mayor said;

“There is a proposal, which is very interesting, to hook up mainline stations in London along the side of the raised railway tracks, with a new cycle path. So from Clapham Junction to Waterloo — around town like that.”

The London Cycle Network is insufficiently safe for cyclists. Having to navigate around stopped buses and cars, some cyclists choose the safer option of the pavement. Vehicles pull out on cyclists and they find they have no where to go. The Barclays Cycle Superhighway scheme does not do enough for London cyclists.Cars still pull out on cyclists, park on the superhighway, and buses block the blue lane.

In this new animation from Room60 we see the SkyCycle solution from Exterior Architecture of which Johnson refers, utilising elevated conduits running across the major commuter routes of London. A cycling utopia, with no buses, no cars and no stress.

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