The Edible Bus Stop: Community Gardens from Neglected Sites

This new animation from Room60 represents the mission of the Edible Bus Stop, an organisation set up to transform neglected sites across London’s bus network into valuable community growing spaces. Originating as a guerilla garden project adjacent to a bus stop in South London, they transform once-forgotten spaces into thriving neighbourhood hubs that are celebrated by local residents and users of the bus route.

The Edible Bus Stop germinated from the need for green space within our cities and urban communities. They understand that a brutal landscape makes for a brutal outlook. Therefore, they are exploring high-end aesthetics at lower-end budgets to create garden designs that promote harmonious community growing spaces, demonstrating that good food and good design is not socially exclusive.

Their objective is to create a network of gardens whereby skills and resources are shared via their Edible Bus Stop umbrella organisation. They work closely with communities to provide them with the necessary framework to utilise neglected public spaces in a productive fashion while incorporating the principals of design to raise their profile.

To ensure the longevity of the project, they seek committed sponsors to take the concept across London and the United Kingdom. Visit their website to get in touch if you’re interested.

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