The !!!!!!!!!!!! Competition

Room60 collaborator Harry Bix has been announced by Reality Cues as a winner of The !!!!!!!!!!!! Competition. Architecture in the Age of OMG.

As the website says Reality Cues is about making architecture in digital, interactive, and social media, where ownership is communal and subject matter changes as quickly as users can click the ‘share’ button. Within this culture of reposting, reblogging, and retweeting is the opportunity to modify and subvert prevailing tendencies. Combine this with the ease with which anyone can alter images to create virtual worlds, and you are left with an increasingly fuzzy area between the so-called virtual and real. Last month they invited anyone to make the most provocative images possible using a selection of  images and redefine the architectural content.

Harry came top in the Best Redefined Geirangerfjord category with his image “Virtual personal geographies form after digital information gets out of control!!”

Harry has worked with Room60 on Des Moines Water Works Park together with Project Studio and on a new animation for the Scottish Sensor Systems Centre about Remote Sensor Systems in the Environment.


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