NEW VIDEO | ‘Invest in Green Infrastructure’

Check out our new animation on the benefits of Green Infrastructure. A collaboration between us and landscape architect Michael Wood CMLI, whose drawings feature in the Landscape Institute’s Local Green Infrastructure booklet, was shown for the first time at the final LI lecture at the Garden Museum on 16 November.

It is designed to communicate the significance of GI in just a couple of minutes and encourage viewers to download and read the publication. Ian Philips CMLI described the video as;

“a powerful piece of presentation to help sell the GI message to new audiences”. He said: “The Local GI booklet has been aimed at a non-technical audience and anecdotal comments so far indicate that it has been very well received and is achieving its objective of reaching a broad audience. I think the YouTube video is an effective means of supplementing this approach and engaging new audiences with both the LI and green infrastructure.”

To download the publication Local green infrastructure: helping communities making the most of their landscape, click here.

View the article on the Landscape Institute website

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