Room60 are a Winner: SWIG Awards 2013


Our Water Sensitive Urban design film commissioned by the Landscape Institute and CIRIA has won the communications category of the Sustainable Water Industry Group (SWIG) awards. The animation explains the concept of Water Sensitive Design (WSUD) and argues the case for designing with water when planning any new development. Focusing on the personal as well as professional approach to managing and designing with water the animation has been viewed more than 6,000 times since it was released on 26 July 2013. It can be viewed here Speaking about the SWIG... Read The Rest →

Kelpies feature on the BBC’s One Show


I don’t know about you, but over here at Room60 Towers we never miss an episode of BBC One’s ‘The One Show’…and last night we caught a fleeting glimpse of our work in a feature about the monumental Kelpie sculptures at the The Helix near Falkirk. They will tower a colossal 30 metres above the Forth & Clyde canal and form a dramatic gateway to the canal entrance on the East Coast of Scotland. Sculpted by Andy Scott, they are a monument to horse powered heritage across Central Scotland. Catch... Read The Rest →

Ever wondered where the rain goes?

rain goes

After a few months of working closely with the guys over at CIRIA they have now launched our new animation under the umbrella of their Susdrain project on Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS). We think it provides an engaging and digestible overview of SuDS. The short animation called “Ever wondered where the rain goes?” demonstrates how changes to the natural water cycle caused by development can be positively managed, and, how SuDS turns this challenge into an exciting opportunity contributing to better places. For more information about sustainable drainage visit Read The Rest →

Got Water Blues? Use Green Solutions!


Room60 are delighted to be working with Penn State Public Media on their new documentary Water Blues Green Solutions, revealing the stories of how Green Infrastructure is helping to manage water across America. We’ll be working over the next couple of months on producing a series of animations that will help to explain, visualise and describe the various elements of green infrastructure and also create virtual worlds for the host of the show, Majora Carter. Floods. Drought. Overloaded sewers. Acres of pavement. Pollution. We’re in a water crisis. Meet the... Read The Rest →

How do you achieve Water Sensitive Urban Design?


This film, commissioned by the Landscape Institute and based on work by CIRIA, Arup and AECOM, explains the concept of Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) and argues the case for designing ‘with’ water when planning any new development. By creating ‘water sensitive cities’ it is possible to address the major challenges of water shortage, flooding and pollution. WSUD is an integrated solution to flooding, droughts and water quality, which promotes a more rational and frugal use of water alongside the creation of beautiful and resilient places. WSUD is about looking... Read The Rest →

Edible Bus Stop animation featured in ITV News Pocket Parks feature

Today ITV featured a piece on the Edible Bus Stop as part of their Pocket Parks programme set up by the Mayor of London’s office. It’s a programme designed to create dozens of so-called “pocket parks” from slivers of land – currently un-loved – which can be transformed, with a touch of TLC and investement from City Hall. The animation created by Room60 to aid the Edible Bus Stop cause is used in the piece which can be viewed on the ITV News website.

A small ship and a big warehouse: The story of the coming together of creatives and developers


On a site just off Silvertown Way, at the gateway to London’s Royal Docks in Canning Town, sits a 2-acre site owned by Cathedral Group and previously occupied by two thriving businesses – Goswell Bakeries and Moss Electrical. Architects Studio Egret West have created a scheme to help realise a vision for the site including the provision of 336 new homes. In the meantime creative charity, The House of Fairytales have moved into one of the current warehouses and has breathed new life in to the tired, disused industrial buildings... Read The Rest →

Restoration plans for Cassiobury Park, Watford


Cassiobury Park is immensely popular with Watford residents and the many visitors who come from afar to visit it especially during the summer months. The pools and Cha Cha Cha are especially popular and it is estimated that up to 1 million visitors pass through the park a year. This short animation shows that many of its facilities need updating if it is to be as popular moving into the 21st century. The pools are old and declining in quality and are in need of a complete overhaul. There are... Read The Rest →

Working towards EU2020 with Europe’s Waterways


Waterways for Growth; a project run across 7 countries was an opportunity for project partners to share ideas on sailing, boating, leisure and tourism as well as commercial freight opportunities in order to develop a sustainable framework to operate from. This animation is a summary of the project and its outputs featuring interviews with the partners involved and from outside parties such as the Presdient of the North Sea Commission, Ole B. Sørensen.

Thinking on how to dynamically manage water


Scottish Canals is developing an innovative approach to integrated water management utilising Scotland’s largest man-made water structure, the canal network, as a tool to increase water security and facilitate sustainable development. Room60 put together this short animation to visually describe the problems of water management and how we can manage our water more effectively and efficiently through virtual and actual water networks. Using remote sensors to provide information to an integrated system that enables decisions to be made on balancing the water network and in turn filtering that water through natural... Read The Rest →

Room60 creates new Olympic Park film for Landscape Institute

olympic park

The Landscape Institute has launched a short YouTube film produced by Room60 which showcases the vital role that landscape architecture played in the design and realisation of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. A park that involved numerous landscape architecture firms and professionals. It draws on interviews carried out for the LI’s longer Learning Legacy videos, as well as footage of the park before remediation, and images of visitors enjoying the games, before moving on to the future development showing the transformational power of landscape and how various landscape architects can join together as... Read The Rest →

Garden of the Beasts team pick up communication award at Landscape Institute Awards 2012

Institute Award

Room60, Davies White, House of Fairy Tales, Dan Lobb and James Bennett have recently been awarded with a Highly Commended in the Communication & Presentation category of the Landscape Institute Awards 2012 held at Congress Centre, London. The Garden of the Beasts is Davies White and Room 60’s proposals for the creation of a new childrens’ garden at Hampton Court Palace. The team communicated their ideas through innovative design and vision. They used hand drawings but also embraced film while exploring other mediums of communication such as model making and revenue branding.... Read The Rest →

Garden of the Beasts announced on Landscape Institute Awards Shortlist for 2012

The Garden of the Beasts

The Landscape Institute has announced its shortlist for their annual awards and the Garden of the Beasts by Davies White, Room60, House of Fairy Tales and Dan Lobb is one of the 25 projects on the list. The shortlist includes the London 2012 Olympic Park, Three Mills Green in the Lea Valley, and Potters Field Park in Southwark. The Garden of the Beasts entry is for the Communication and Presentation of the scheme at Hampton Court Palace and includes a short animated film, merchandise range and designed engagement game. In its... Read The Rest →

Highline for London Green Infrastructure Ideas Competition

Highline for London

From over 170 entries, twenty Green Infrastructure designs were shortlisted in a competition run by the Landscape Institute, Mayor of London and Garden Museum to find a new design for green space in the capital. Inspired by New York’s High Line, which reclaimed a stretch of derelict railway to create a popular urban park, the competition generated radical and exciting ideas for bringing hidden, forgotten and abandoned places into use as new green public spaces. Entries included visions for transforming London’s underground rivers, flyovers, bus shelters and disused tunnels, creating... Read The Rest →

SkyCycle: Boris Johnson considers idea for cycle lanes in the London sky

As reported last week in The Times Boris Johnson is considering proposals by Exterior Architecture for a raised cycle network between mainline stations in London. The Mayor said; “There is a proposal, which is very interesting, to hook up mainline stations in London along the side of the raised railway tracks, with a new cycle path. So from Clapham Junction to Waterloo — around town like that.” The London Cycle Network is insufficiently safe for cyclists. Having to navigate around stopped buses and cars, some cyclists choose the safer option of the... Read The Rest →

Phenomenal time-lapse of Planet Earth from Space

This is a phenomenal piece of time-lapse photography taken by NASA on-board the International Space Station and edited together by Knate Myers. Some incredible shots of earth where entire cities become reminiscent of speeding traffic and lightning storms are nothing but miniscule pockets of flashing light.

Best Before: A London Food Revolution


Premiered lastnight at the Gallery Cafe in Bethnal Green, Best Before is a new documentary from film makers Ben Mann, Giuseppe Cioffo, and Chris Atkins that covers aspects of the Food Crisis of 2007/2008, its lasting effects on the global food system and the showcasing of the current food revolution in London. It’s a great documentary  that attempts to draw a clear link between the rise in the price of food and that of oil, with basic foodstuffs moving out of reach of many people. With more and more turning to cheap,... Read The Rest →

The Edible Bus Stop: Community Gardens from Neglected Sites

This new animation from Room60 represents the mission of the Edible Bus Stop, an organisation set up to transform neglected sites across London’s bus network into valuable community growing spaces. Originating as a guerilla garden project adjacent to a bus stop in South London, they transform once-forgotten spaces into thriving neighbourhood hubs that are celebrated by local residents and users of the bus route. The Edible Bus Stop germinated from the need for green space within our cities and urban communities. They understand that a brutal landscape makes for a brutal... Read The Rest →

The !!!!!!!!!!!! Competition

"Virtual personal geographies form after digital information gets out of control!!" by Harry Bix

Room60 collaborator Harry Bix has been announced by Reality Cues as a winner of The !!!!!!!!!!!! Competition. Architecture in the Age of OMG. As the website says Reality Cues is about making architecture in digital, interactive, and social media, where ownership is communal and subject matter changes as quickly as users can click the ‘share’ button. Within this culture of reposting, reblogging, and retweeting is the opportunity to modify and subvert prevailing tendencies. Combine this with the ease with which anyone can alter images to create virtual worlds, and you are left... Read The Rest →

Discover Pensthorpe

The Pensthorpe Nature Reserve is located in Pensthorpe, Norfolk about one mile from Fakenham. The reserve covers over 600 acres, with the River Wensum running through it, and was the location of the BBC programme Springwatch from May 2008 to 2010. This animation was produced by Room60 to showcase the new possibilities for the landscape and architecture at the heart of the visitor attraction. Including new therapy gardens and natural playscape by Davies White Landscape Architects and redeveloped hub buildings by White Design Associates.

A sneak peek at the new Des Moines Water Works Park Animation

As we mentioned a few months ago we were working with Ed Wall of Project Studio on their Des Moines Water Works Park proposals, and were subsequently making a short film about it. Well here’s a sneak peek of a rough edit of an animation that attempt to explain how the network of sensors across the park and beyond would function in the day to day life of the park.


It seemed about time we updated our showreel…so er…here’s our updated showreel. 2 minutes and 22 seconds of animated Room60 beauty. Now how’s that for a slice of fried gold?

The Garden of the Beasts at Hampton Court Palace

In September 2011 we were part of a team led by Davies White Landscape Architects that were chosen from over 200 design teams by The Historic Royal Palaces to develop design proposals for a new £1.5 million children’s garden at Hampton Court Palace. Also part of the team were leading arts charity, The House of Fairy Tales, RHS Gold garden designer Dan Lobb and RIBA Architect James Bennett. We are delighted to announce that our project ‘The Garden of the Beasts’ was selected as a project finalist. The entry included fully illustrated proposals, an animated... Read The Rest →

Des Moines Water Works Park

The finalists for the Water Works Parkitecture competition were announced last month and collaborator of ours Ed Wall of Project Studio led a team that has been shortlisted. Other finalists include Sasaki Associates, Martha Schwartz Partners, AECOM and Nomad Studio. The project, titled Park Works, is a collaboration across landscape, engineering, infrastructure and architectural disciplines. The Park Works proposal sets out a new, dynamic, and working park for Des Moines, Iowa. The design creates a responsive and adaptive plan that will develop, over days, seasons, and years, from the scale of the watershed to the everyday experience.... Read The Rest →

The Great Play

A few weeks ago we went down to help out a friend of ours working on a new playground project in Peckham. The current playground at St. James the Great Primary School in Peckham doesn’t provide any opportunities for outdoor play and exploration and they would like to make the school garden part of their childrens play environment so that it could be used every day. Recent Kingston graduate James Garis is taking on the task of transforming the space and we went down to help out with a bit... Read The Rest →

NEW VIDEO | ‘Invest in Green Infrastructure’

Check out our new animation on the benefits of Green Infrastructure. A collaboration between us and landscape architect Michael Wood CMLI, whose drawings feature in the Landscape Institute’s Local Green Infrastructure booklet, was shown for the first time at the final LI lecture at the Garden Museum on 16 November. It is designed to communicate the significance of GI in just a couple of minutes and encourage viewers to download and read the publication. Ian Philips CMLI described the video as; “a powerful piece of presentation to help sell the... Read The Rest →

Introducing the now Award Winning Room60!

LI awards 2011

Our awards shelf is beginning to take shape after we were awarded with a Highly Commended for our animation ‘The Spell of the Kingston Ancient Market’ last night at the Landscape Institute Awards 2011 in the Communications and Presentations category. The Judges comments were; A very well-crafted video, which really gave you a feeling of the market town and space. There’s great potential to use this medium to help the target audiences get a sense of a new scheme Check out the video here and the rest of the award... Read The Rest →

The Great Play

The Great Play

The current playground at St. James the Great Primary School in Peckham doesn’t provide any opportunities for outdoor play and exploration. They would like to make the school garden part of their childrens play environment so that it could be used every day. Recent Kingston graduate James Garis is taking on the task of transforming the space and we went down to help out with a bit of clearance with other local volunteers so he could get an idea of the lay of the land and get proposals moving. We’ll... Read The Rest →

Featured on Architectural Videos*

Check us out! We’re featured on Architectural Videos* blog with our “Helix is Happening” animation. They clearly have good taste! And if you’re interested they’re definitely worth a ‘Like’ on facebook to keep up with the latest and greatest architectural videos out there… Follow Architectural Videos* on Facebook

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